Sion Nobel M.D. Pain Management & Stem Cell Expert

Dr. Nobel is a noted Pain Management Expert; his office is conveniently located in Van Nuys 3 minutes off the 405 freeway at Sherman Way. Dr. Nobel is well known for his research and delivery of Stem Cell and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) pain management. He is also one of the pioneers in using PRP for Cosmetic enhancements including the Vampire Face Lift, PRP Hair Replacement, Breast Augmentation, and the P-Shot/O-Shot for both men and woman.

Offering non-surgical alternatives to patients who suffer from neck, back, knee and shoulder pain Dr. Noble host a list of A Client Celebrities from Sports Stars to TV and Movie stars. He is very clear about whoever the patient is, his background, or country everyone gets treated the same. Professional, high-quality care match by very few doctors because Dr. Nobel has been practicing Pain Management techniques for near 47 years.

Most important, Dr. Nobel understands the cost of medical care is out of control, insurance deductibles are sky high and insurance is not getting any better or cheaper. Therefore Dr. Nobel offers his pricing in his website for all PRP and Stem Cell therapies. Also Dr. Nobel it proud to say his pricing is less than Southern California to make sure his is the lowest to be found.

sion-nobel-pictureDr. Nobel owns 2 Pain Management Clinics, one located in Mission Hills and the other in Los Angeles and at both he still meets with his patients and delivers these therapies on a daily basis. PRP and Stem Cell medicine offers a non-surgical alternative to wounded tissue Dr. Nobel His resume and medical information. Such as torn tendons, muscles, and ligaments. PRP is proving to be a promising solution to accelerate healing of tendon injuries and osteoarthritis naturally without subjecting the patient to significant risk or expensive surgeries. PRP treatment has become a principal alternative in professional sports, many athletes like the Los Angeles Lakers Star Forward Kobe Bryant have turned to PRP as an option and find that in a matter of weeks they are able to return to the game without having to sit out the entire season or worst yet having to have to deal with a career ending injury, PRP safely gets them back into the game and places their professional career back on track.

Stem Cell treatment and PRP are not new to the medical community and have been administered by medical professionals for the past 2 decades. The use of autologous platelet rich plasma has been used safely and effectively throughout many medical fields including orthopedics, sports medicine, dentistry, ENT, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, urology, and would healing, cosmetic, cardiothoracic, and maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Sion Nobel

Dr. Nobel has shared that this form of treatment although less expensive that traditional surgery, it is not covered by most insurances and the majority of physicians who offer a PRP alternative seem to have a Beverly Hills zip code and their services include a Beverly Hills price tag often times reaching $10,000 to $12,000 for just the basic use of PRP. Unfortunately cost of that magnitude make this powerful alternative all but impossible for the average working person who could benefit greatly from this medical procedure. Dr. Nobel has always delivered expert medical treatment at prices that are affordable to today’s working men and woman and with PRP he is still following his heart and delivering this treatment modality at almost one fourth the cost of other clinics that specialize in this new age approach to Pain Management.

If you are suffering with out of control pain and have been told your only alternative in surgery then you need to make an appointment immediately to consult with Dr. Nobel. As a leading Pain Management practitioner Dr. Nobel will assist you by identifying the use of PRP all the alternatives available in today’s medical field. Don’t wait until the pain destroys your personal and business life, call Dr. Nobel today and it is very possible that by tomorrow you could be pain free.

At his Clinic Dr. Nobel provides State of the Art Stem Cell, PRP, Pain Management and Cosmetic Enhancement Services

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